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$$ Price Ranges?

What price range do the $ signs represent for accommodations or eating? Janet

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They don't use $ in Scotland, they use pounds (symbol: £, banker's abbreviation: GBP).
You will see prices in Scotland listed in £.
Nobody (not hotels nor restaurants) will accept $ of any kind.

Some hotel websites annoyingly translate prices into the currency of the location you are in. If you see a price in "$" on a website, it is in whatever $ are applicable where you are.

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OP is probably referring to the price codes shown alongside accommodations and restaurants in the Rick Steves books.

Look at the "key" on the inside cover of your book - it should list what the approximate costs are for each code there. Note that you will see "dollar signs" (eg: $, $$, $$$, etc.) but the meaning of these are shown in local currency (euros, pounds, etc.) because of course the prices won't be in US dollars. The price code is meant as a rough guideline, intended to give you some sense of how high/low the prices are, but it's not an exact science, more of a general range of what to expect pricewise.

Hope that helps.

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There's no definitive answer. A $ will be in the cheapest range whilst $$$$ will be very expensive however it's all relative. $$$$ will be quite different in Portugal than it will be in Switzerland so you will need to have at least some experience of average prices in a particular location in order to gauge what the price indication is likely to be.

Some guide books will provide a rough range of prices however these can often become redundant pretty quickly but the $, $$, $$$, $$$$ system is pretty self explanatory and should provide enough guidance to base your decisions upon.

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Thank you. I will look in the guidebook for the price range. I looked but didn't see it the first time.
I do realize they use pounds in Scotland and not dollars. :)

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You can always pick a few restaurants of differing symbols and look up their menus online to get an idea of actual price.