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Planning visit to Scotland, Ireland, England

We are struggling with making a decision as to whether or not to use a Private Guide, or book a Tour to visit Scotland, Ireland, and England? (My husband and I, both, have familial roots in those countries, and would like to explore. He also wishes to tour the tunnel and Beaches of Normandy.

Best advise?

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What do you want to see? Cities, countryside, history? How long have you got for this visit? You could stay for weeks and not exhaust all there is to see in any one of these three countries. Please supply us with some info to narrow down the possibilities.
A private guide for more than one or two days would for most people be prohibitively expensive. Most people on this site do DIY self-guided trips.

"He also wishes to tour the tunnel and Beaches of Normandy." - which tunnel are you referring to? The Normandy beaches are (obviously) northern France, so that adds some days, a 4th country and some more travel.

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When you say you are wondering whether or not to use a private guide or a tour, to visit the British Isles, are you suggesting you would possibly tour the whole of the UK with a private guide? Are you rich “beyond the dreams of avarice” ? If not, you certainly could tour a lot of Britain on your own if you are willing to do a bit of planning and research. With regard to your husband’s wish to see the Normandy Landing Beaches, there is a one day tour from London. It makes for a very long day and I wouldn’t do it, but at least your husband will have seen Normandy.

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Is going it on your own not a possibility? You could do a little of each.......private guide for the cities and a tour for the farther out countryside. Then you could even do some on your own. This would be a mix of everything! If there are certain towns you need to get to to explore your roots, please let us know which ones they many tours may not get you to them.

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Somewhat generic question since you don’t mention how long you have to travel or what you hope to see. For the tunnels, I assume you’re referring to the ones at Dover. The beaches of Normandy are in France and you didn’t even mention it. Both the tunnels at Dover and the Normandy area are worth visiting. Depending on how in-depth you wanted to see locations in Normandy, you could easily spend 2 full days in that area. Regarding the question about a tour or private guide, if you’re comfortable driving on the left, drive yourself. It might be hard finding a tour that goes to just those places you want to go. Private guides may be expensive depending on how long you want their services.