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Places to stay close to Edinburgh for 45 pounds in late September

I'm planning a trip to Edinburgh in late September but all the Rick Steves recommended places I've contacted are 85 pounds. Is there a location just out of the city center with good transportation for 45-50 pounds? I'll be Inverness the first week in October and the B&B is 45 pounds. Maybe it's less expensive just out of the city center.



The problem is that you're trying to find B&B in the capital of Scotland and a major tourism city in September for the same price as a B&B in a less popular and smaller city in October.

I just did a search on for a random day in late September in your price range and all that comes up is hostel rooms or hotels like 10 or 20 miles away.

But put the budget up to £75 and suddenly loads of B&Bs show up. In fact, I'm seeing a fair few for £60 in areas like Broughton, West End & Corstophine, all of which have good transport links.

Edinburgh is an expensive city.

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Since you say "I" rather than "we," I take it you're traveling by yourself? Single rooms are cheaper than double rooms.

Some years ago I stayed in this place, which may be close to what you're looking for: slightly outside the city center and close to major bus routes. They don't serve meat at breakfast, which was part of the appeal for me since I'm a vegetarian, but may be a downside for someone else.

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Hi Frank, I don't know where you're from, but it's a bit like saying, I paying $50 in Appleton, WI why can't i get a similar rate in Madison or Milwaukee? It's cheaper away from the big city and away from capitals. :) Oddly, I also found Aberdeen to be expensive during the week. In Aberdeen it is the business travelers that drive the price up. In Edinburgh, it is tourists, but also government, business and more. It's a pricey city, but it's worth it!

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Edinburgh has a superb transport network, buses ran as often as ever 5 minutes on some route but more commonly every 10-20 minutes depending on the route.
have a look at this link , loads of options. I would suggest the Minto street,Matfiled Road Craigmiller park area,all one long road with different names, furthest point is about 2 miles form the city centre and there are numerous buses day and night that travel this route. there are also lots of small b&b just of this route too.
You could also consider budget hotel like Travelodge,Ibis and Holiday Inn express

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Thanks everyone. I went with the 86 pound daily room rate. Seems his, but the pound is down in value so that's some relief.