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Pitlochry lodging for the Games

I am finding myself responding like a moth to the flame. Thinking the Highland Games in Pitlochry will fulfill our quest for a rich Scotish cultural experience. Found lodging in Pitlochry rated very highly, 9.6 on a booking site. Looked like fun and loaded with local flair, voted best bar, best guest house, best everything. Communicated with host and received an immediate, if not rather businesslike, welcome with guidance regarding securing our reservation with our credit card info 2 years in advance. Thought it was the best place, yet when I dug further I found lodging, also rated 9.6, a 13th century, small stone monastery situated on the river, a short stroll from the town center. A bit more $, but appears to be idealic. Hmmm. We are in our mid 60's and wondering if the repose by the river allows us to join the party and also walk away when satiated by the revalry and ready for rest. If you have visited Pitlochry, please advise.

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I stayed at the Green Park. It was not as close to town as I would have liked, but it had lovely grounds. There are a lot of choices in Pitlochry. I would advise to stay close in town. It just easier when it is a short walk to events and dinner etc.