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My sister bought a mobile cell phone in Scotland and I have a US cell phone. I am able to contact her via text and voice message, but she can’t reply. What are we missing?

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Each other?

Probably need to put the number in with international dialling code

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Perhaps get your sister to go back to the shop she bought the phone in, at a pre arranged time with you here at home, and get them to figure out what the problem is.
Then she/they can call you right there from the shop so the staff there can fix it.
If she’s nowhere near the shop she bought it in, there are mobile phone shops in every town.
It might be dependent on whatever plan or service is associated with her phone.

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What are we missing?

Does her plan include international texting?

Is she inputting your number starting with +1 to indicate an international text to the U.S (e.g., if your U.S. number is (123) 456-7890, she should text +11234567890.

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Who is the mobile contract with? Some only do international calls, and this will be considered so, as an extra or at eyewatering amounts.

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is her default to WhatsApp and yours isn't?