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Phone Use Question…

Hello, fellow travelers,
I am sure this is a very dumb question but, here goes! My family will be in Scotland soon and have signed up for the AT&T international plan. This allows use of our phones just as we use them at home for all functions.

What I’m not sure about is how to place phone calls while there. Do we make calls to Scottish numbers like we are still in the US, using 011-44…? Or does our phone know we are in Scotland and we just dial using the local phone number, skipping the US exit code, etc.?
Thanks for your assistance!

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Dial the country code when calling from your phone as you would if calling from the US. FYI, these days +44 is used (hold down the 0 key on your keypad to get a +). You will see it written that way (with the +) most of the time these days.

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And to call home its +1 (area code) Number

And here is another oddity. I will use a Hungarian number only because it's here on my computer desk top, but same might happen where ever you are. In Google Maps the phone number for the Hungarian State Opera is shown to be (06 1) 814 7100. And you know Google Maps is convenient because you can click on the number and your phone starts dialing. Web pages can do the same for you when they have live phone number links. Except it wont work for you. In this case you will have to manually change the (06 1) to +36 1.

Here I found one off a Scotch webpage:
0141 552 0822

that number isnt going to work for you. You will have to dial:

+44 1 41 552 0822

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Thanks Mister E —
I had read you start with the country code and then drop the 0 when in a different country. Thanks for the example - It’s starting to make sense to me.

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Before using your AT&T international plan at $10 or more per day,make sure to use WiFi calling any time possible. We traveled in Scotland and separately in Spain for over a month and never used our AT&T plan as we were able to make all phone calls, texts, internet searches etc in the evening at our hotels/apartments over WiFi. You'll need to ensure that your AT&T plan allows WiFi calling, as AT&T does not support WiFi calling on all phones, especially cheaper ones (see their website for a list of allowed phones).

We had so many problems over the years with outrageous AT&T charges and difficulties using our AT&T phones that we now have an unlocked dual SIM phone with a T-Mobile plan on one of the SIMs. T-Mobile allows WiFi calling on any phone and their plans cover more countries. An unlocked dual Sim phone allows you to add a country specific SIM card if you decide to travel to many countries and find your AT&T phone doesn't work where you think it should. Over an 18 day trip in Italy, we never got our AT&T plan to work properly.

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Thanks for sharing your experiences with AT&T. We will (and have) used mostly WiFi on past trips, but this time we are 3 generations traveling together who already are on a family phone plan together. It’s a splurge trip, so we will be open to using the AT&T plan when needed. Rates go down to half for the additional users.

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So, if the number is 07435591234, I will dial +447435591234, correct?

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So, if the number is 07435591234, I will dial +447435591234, correct?

You got it.

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I’m here in Edinburgh visiting friends. We have Verizon from USA, USA phone number.

Phone works perfectly, no problems.

However, I forgot the added trick of pressing “0” (zero) and holding down the zero to place USA to USA call. Press “0” and hold down the 0 until 0 changes to a plus (+) sign. Then type 1+area code+phone number.
For USA to international, see other comments.

For all USA users, note the ‘ringing’ tone is different than what you are used to hearing. In USA, that tone means a phone line is busy. Always throws me off when I come back here.

Hope that helps.

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In case anyone using Verizon is reading this - Verizon charges international rates when you call over Wi-Fi. I was in Copenhagen, made a call to a Copenhagen number, charged $35 for the call since (rate based on length of call) I failed to take my phone off Wi-Fi. Thought I was just using the day plan for $10 but should have disabled Wi-Fi when calling