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Phone Card Ireland and Scotland

Coming to Ireland and Scotland Ireland 5 days and Scotland for 11. Planning to drive and have an unlocked iPhone. Is there a phone card with lots of data that would be worthwhile for both areas? Should I buy one in each country? Any recommended cards?

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Not sure about Ireland, but if it works in the Uk, it probably will in Ireland!
I have an unlocked iP6 and the message I seem to be getting in my research is that no network works well everywhere in Scotland and in someplaces (in the parts of the Highlands outside the main travel corridors for example) nothing works very well anyway.

We're going to be heading to a "3" store on Princes Street in Edinburgh upon arrival as they seem to be as popular as anyone with locals. Couldn't verify that anyone(or who) at the airport actually sells phone sims, so we'll catch the "3" store on the way to dinner on our first night(closes at 7pm)and have them install it. I would imagine that networks like "3" probably have stores in any big centers near to all the airports, depending on where you're flying into. Check their website; they have several plans that give you a lot of data for comparatively less than you might pay by using even your own plan's travel roaming rates. I know we got a decent deal at Orange in Belgium for a tourist (month) sim that more than covered what we needed.

What might be a problem is getting an Irish phone-numbered sim(if you're going to Ireland first) and then having to use that number in Scotland(is it considered roaming then?); the people at an Irish phone store(I noticed "3" are in Dublin for example) could probably tell you if you should keep the sim for use in Scotland or if it's worth getting a second sim once in Scotland.

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Also, what might work in Northern Ireland and Scotland might not fly in The Republic of Ireland. You might post on that forum and ask about that aspect.