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We’ve had to rent the diesel van for our group journey. Are all petrol stations equipped with diesel pumps or do we need to plan certain route for it?

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Hi, talk_medical,

Unless you're taking the van on the NC500, you should have no problem encountering diesel pumps wherever you go in Scotland. Don't forget that you're probably going to go about 300 to 400 miles between fillups, so just top up if you're going to be away from any major population areas for a few days. Your best bet would be to fill up at supermarket filling stations (Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Co-op, etc.). The prices will be a bit lower, and the forecourts a bit wider.

I've rented diesel fuelled cars in Scotland before, and have never had any problem finding diesel.


Mike (Auchterless)

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just remember that black is diesel. Don't go putting any pretty green hoses in the tank!

You will be glad you got diesel when you see how far you get. Diesel is a bit more expensive in the UK but the number is miles you will get is impressive.

You don't sound happy. You will be at the end.

Get PetrolPrices app or use the website and you can find the cheapest fuel for miles around. Often Asda or Morrisons supermarkets. Top up before leaving the built up areas.

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You will have no trouble finding diesel fuel anywhere in Scotland. In fact here on Skye, the unleaded petrol pumps sometimes run out in the summer (due to rental car traffic) but there's always diesel available (for us canny locals!). As Nigel says look for the black hose. There's also a fuel subsidy on the islands, so here on Skye fuel is slightly cheaper than at the fuel station on the mainland at Kyle. However, you won't find any of the big supermarkets up here, so none of the big discounts on fuel that can be had in the cities.

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@Nigel- man! you sure did figure me out in record time! haha.. I have been concerned about it- I've never driven diesel vehicle before so I am a little unsure. I can't get over the mileage you are reporting. Also, many thanks for the tip regarding the green hose as that is the color of diesel here in the states where I am.

@Mike, the scare I had in thinking this question is because we will be heading from Stirling to Kenmore up the A84/A85, then up to Aviemore to see the sheepdog display and on to Fort Augustus (but my maps doesnt take me all the way into Inverness) so I was a little worried about that amount of road without possibly a major station.

Thank you all for the ready for October!

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Medical, a photo to help you remember:
And don't forget, it is priced per Litre.

The AA (Automobile Association) publishes regular price reports. Latest here:

Highest – Essex and East Anglia and the South East have recorded the highest diesel price at 133.4 p/litre.
Lowest – Northern Ireland has the cheapest diesel at 129.6 p/litre.