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Passes Edinburgh/ Inverness, Buses/Trains and Taxi!

Hi! So my boyfriend and I will be visiting Edinburgh and Inverness for the first time in November...

Top attractions I'd like us to visit are:
- Holyrood Park (free?)
- Palace of Holyrood House
- Edinburgh Caste
- Edinburgh War Museum
- Royal Botanic Gardens
- National Museum of Flight
- The Scotch Whiskey Experience
- Camera Obscura
- Mary King's Close
- St Giles Cathedral
- National Library of Scotland (free?)
- National Museum of Scotland (free?)
- Surgens' Hall
- Parliament House (just the building?)

  • Inverness Museum and Art Gallery
  • Balnain House
  • St Andrew's Cathedral
  • Inverness Castle
  • Bellfield Park (free?)
  • Steall Waterfall
  • Fort Augustus
  • Loch Ness ---maybe a canoe tour?
  • Unquhart Castle
  • Craig Phadrig

I'm trying to find the best deals / passes for these particular attractions, but the ones I've found so far are 'all castles' or 'all of Scotland' - meaning only few of my picked attractions, which group up only up to 4 attractions from all of these, despite having over 70 or 100 attractions included! Any ideas or tips? We will be visiting these over 10 days ^

We'll be travelling by bus or train, are there any passes for busses or trains that are worth it? I'm gonna pre book the train to Inverness and back to Edinburgh but we'll need some sort of pass to get around the cities with...

Last thing, we'll also be travelling from Edinburgh centre to Dunfermline Town Station (which seems to be the closest station to Knockhill Racing Circuit), and back on the same day -- this is the best and shortest route I think there is (?)... however, we'd still need a taxi to get to Knockhill Racing Circuit (about 10m by car) -- do I need to book a taxi before hand, and which should I book? or is there a taxi stand at Dunfermline Town Station -which preferably would not break the bank!

Sorry about the million questions but I don't know who/where else to ask! Thankyou!

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