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Overnight Trains from Glasgow to York?

I was looking at some late night trains departing from Glasgow headed to York, England. I'm seeing a departure at 11:30pm and arriving at 8:28am. The normal daytime travel time between these 2 cities is 3.5 hours. I'm assuming this is one that slows way down in order to arrive in the morning. The only thing is I'm not seeing a couchette sleeper car option? Wouldn't it make sense that this is available on this particular train?

Anyone familiar with Scotland to England overnight trains please chime in.


It’s not a proper overnight train. Look closely and you’ll see there’s a change of trains. It’s a late train from Glasgow that deposits you in Edinburgh, where you have to wait for five hours or more in the middle of the night to catch an early morning train to York. The thing that slows you down is getting off the first train and twiddling your thumbs for hours while waiting for the next train. No couchette - just you in s deserted station trying to get comfortable on s bench or walking the streets for a while.

Always look carefully for the number of changes. You can usually click to expand for journey details, which will give you exactly what trains you’re catching. Looking at the service that you mention, you’ll get to Edinburgh around half-past midnight by which time all the trains to York havd finished for the night - so the website finds you the next available train to York, which leaves at 5.48am.

There aren’t many long-distance overnight trains in the UK. There’s the Caledonian sleeper that runs down to London but doesn’t help you from Glasgow to York, and there’s a train that runs between London and Cornwall.

Otherwise any service that looks like an overnight train is bound to involve some kind of long cold wait in an empty station, or loads of changes.

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There is no overnight train from Glasgow to York. That is not a direct train, what you are seeing is the last train from Glasgow to Edinburgh, followed by the first train from Edinburgh to York, with a long wait at Edinburgh in between.
Computers find this connections, which nobody would normally choose.
Going from Glasgow to York you usually change in Edinburgh.

Depart 23:30 Glasgow Queen Street, arrive Edinburgh 00:24
Depart 05:48 Edinburgh, arrive York 08:28

There is a direct train from Glasgow to York at 7pm, by the looks of things, or one about 8pm via Edinburgh. But that’s the last real services of the night.

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There are no overnight trains from Glasgow to York.

I have a feeling you're looking at a journey planner that shows a route that departs Glasgow at 22.30 and arrives in York at 08.28. If you delve further into the details it shows that the train from Glasgow arrives In Edinburgh at 00.24. You then take another train from Edinburgh at 05.48 to arrive in York at 08.28.

You don’t get to stay on a train overnight – you spend the night in Edinburgh, either in a hotel or on the streets.

Take a daytime train.

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Oh well... I now see the super long layover. Thanks to all for pointing that out. It's a shame, because I love having the option of taking overnight trains with sleeper cars. I remember one time I took a night train from Paris at 11:30pm and it arrived in Amsterdam at 6:00am. I think the train traveled very slow in order to take such a long time for that journey. Anyway, I'll just get my bedroll ready to spend a chilly night on the streets of Edinburgh and wait for that 5:48 am train! Cheers!

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With the advent of cheap airfare sleeper trains are disappearing from the European landscape...not too many of them left anymore compared to what it used to be like! For certain routes they are still operated but many that used to exist have been discontinued.

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If you really want a sleeper you could take the Caledonian Sleeper from Glasgow to London Euston, then walk a short distance to Kings Cross station and take their LNER fast train to York.

It is only a little bit of going around the sun to get to the moon.

Leaves Glasgow at 23:40, arrives Euston at or after 07:07. Every once in a while I see them running late.

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Why not just stay overnight in Glasgow and catch one of the direct trains first thing in the morning? There's one at 6.01am, then another at 6.48am.

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It's not only low cost airlines, but high speed trains have also contributed to the reduction in overnight trains. Why take the overnight train from Paris to Amsterdam when the Thalys takes you from city centre to city centre in 3 h 20 min? But there are still a couple of night trains, and their popularity has increased lately, so maybe we might see more routes?