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Orkney Facebook page

Just wanted to share how I've been enjoying looking at Facebook postings in the << Orkney Past &Present >> group. (Spacing of characters as shown.) It's a private group you have to join, but the requirements are simple -- just tell the moderator you have an interest in Orkney, AFAIK. I joined without having to be invited by anyone.

Either Orkney has some of the world's most spectacular scenery or else it's populated by some of the world's best photographers. Maybe both.

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Definitely the scenery’s spectacular, and undoubtedly there are talented photographers there, too. But with amazing ancient sites, and stunning Scottish scenery, engaging people, and a collection of islands that this landlubber just marvels at, the subjects will let even a mediocre photographer get superior results!

Have you been to any of Orkney, epltd? I’ve been once, so far, over 7 years ago. That was a too-short visit. Thank you for the heads-up, and this looks like a great way to help bridge the gap, until a return visit can happen.

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I am going there in 2022 for a cruise stop. I would like to learn more about it.

Also want to know do I really need a ship excursion to see Edenborough Castle? What is best way to see sights there if we have only 1 day?

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To Cyn: Alas, I haven't been. The spectacular photos and the lovely, friendly comments found in this FB group really make me want to go, though!

I've also been listening often to Peter Maxwell Davies' "Farewell to Stromness," a heart-rending, hauntingly simple and beautiful protest song that has a happy ending: along with other efforts by the residents, it achieved its goal of preventing a uranium mine near Stromness.

So much of Scotland beckons to me. I sought out more information on Orkney because I read somewhere it had the highest happiness index in the UK. But, this March 2019 article doesn't even list Orkney among the top 10 in Scotland, so maybe it was just a fluke that I ran across that factoid.