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Open air museums in Scotland

I have found three different open air museums in Scotland that look interesting. They are: Highland Folk Museum near Aviemore, Auchindrain Township Open Air Museum near Inveraray, and Glencoe & North Lorn Folk Museum. Has anyone visited any or all of these? Are they very similar? Or would we see different things? Is it worth seeing all three? Are there other open air museums that are better to see? Thanks for any help that you can give.

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Hi Ann,

I've been to the Highland Folk Museum and enjoyed it. It was a very drab day when I was there, but nevertheless it was very interesting to see what they had. On the fun side, it is located directly next to the railway. And there is a rabbit warren in the area next to the railway so there are rabbits everywhere!

It's not an "open air" museum, but I can't speak highly enough of the Cranog Centre near Aberfeldy. It's fascinating. Also, I found the Strathnaver site to be wonderful. It's not got the artifacts of an open air museum, but you can see where the houses were and where the riggs were. It's very impressive.

I've found that most of these wee museums and local attractions are interesting and worth a stop.


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I've not been to any of those you mention but, if you're going to be on the island of Skye when in Scotland the Skye Museum of Island Life is interesting and worth a stop.

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We also enjoyed the Skye Museum of Island Life. It's a group of about half a dozen old houses. The interior of each house focuses on a different aspect of island life - school, church, weaving, medicine, etc.

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Thank you for your help. It sounds as if the Highland museum is a go. We are going to Skye so we will be sure look up the Skye Island Life.