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One Night in Borders

Anyone have any recommendations for a one-night stay in the Melrose/Kelso areas of the Borders? A B&B is nice but we're also fine with a regular motel. Pricing around $100 US/night is preferred. Thank you!

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It's been quite a while, but I am pretty sure that Braidwood House is where I stayed. I liked staying in Melrose. I had a lovely dinner at Burt's Hotel one night. I stayed for a couple of nights and explored the Borders from that base.

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Can't recommend a place to stay, but can recommend to avoid Old Bank House B&B in Melrose. It was nice enough, but the owner has unusual political views that he was far to open to sharing (or should I say preaching) to the guests. We got trapped at the breakfast table listening to it and the polite Canadian in us didn't allow us to cut him off and get out.

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We liked the Townhouse Hotel, across the street from Burts. I think they have the same owners. Only a block or so from Melrose Abbey.

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We almost stayed in Braidwood but decided that Fiorlin B&B around the corner looked very good as well. Thanks for your input and ideas, everyone!