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One hour layover in Reykjavik to Glasgow

I just received notification from Icelandair that our layover in Reykjavik has shrank to only one hour. What are your thoughts? Do you think our luggage will be able to make it onto our final plane in that short amount of time? If there is a delay in the first flight, we could very well miss our second flight.

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If it's an Icelandair to Icelandair transfer, not likely. Connections through Reykjavik is their bread and butter sales pitch.

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I just transferred there twice last week. One hour is plenty of time. They have this down to an art.

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That’s a fairly small airport so that should be more than enough time assuming flights arrive/depart on time.

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Very small, efficient, great airport. You’ll have no trouble at all.

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The good news is you won't have to go through immigration in Reykjavik. You will probably just stay in the same arrival area.

I did this before the pandemic....JFK to KEF to LHR. Turned out that it was same plane for both flight segments. Same gate. Not the same crew.

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We did the same connection pre-Covid with absolutely no problem. You might want to consider taking Icelandair up on their "free stopover" one direction or the other. We added a two night stopover on the way home, which was plenty of time to see the glaciers, golden circle, and Reykjavik. Very pleasant.

Our only disappointment with IcelandAir is they kept changing our flights in small ways, until they finally cancelled one of them. We ended up with an extra connection and the change in plane equipment messed up all our extra-leg-room requests. Except for the leg-room (which they refunded), okay, and met our original schedule. There were a lot of angry tall people (one of them got removed from the flight) over the snafu.