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One day left in Edinburgh, writers museum?

We have experienced the Tatoo, wonderful street music, the National Museum, the National Gallery, Giles Church, the Castle, a Scotch or two and terrific home made soups.
It’s festival time, so the city is ripe with crowds. A bit overwhelmed. With all the shows going on, wefeel we may be missing out on some very unique entertainment and culturally enriching opportunities, but nothing on the playbills looks interesting. We feel surrounded by Cheese and Punk (we are 67 years old, getting picky, hopefully not prickly).
Tavern music, any suggestions there?!? We were just in Ireland. Oh, my!
Our love of literature makes the Writers Museum tempting, but we don’t need to see memorabilia. If there is a tour with insight into the writers lives and influence, spiced with the voice of a guide’s delightful Scottish brogue.
Holyroodhouse reads like royalty the stuff of royalty groupies. Correct me if I am wrong, please. The Abby ruins continue to capture my imagination and camera, and I see there is an abby there.

Is the Portrait Gallery that potent with regency and history?!?
Do we need to experience the chapel Dan Burns made famous after the jaw dropping beauty of Giles?
We will go to Carlton Hill for the wondrous view of this strikingly bold city.
Thank you for your perspective and recommendations, most sincerely.

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If you are looking for a nice walk that should take you away from the crowds, here is one that I did last September. I took a bus to the Old Town and got off on North Bridge. On the way to Calton Hill, I stopped at Old Calton Cemetery, where there is a statue of Abe Lincoln perched upon a memorial dedicated to Scottish-American soldiers who fought in the American Civil War. The view from Calton Hill is fantastic and the National Monument of Scotland, modeled after the Parthenon in Athens, is located there. From Calton Hill, I continued down hill into the New Town and stopped at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, which I recommend. I then walked up to George Street, popped into the St. Andrew's Church, which is notable for its elliptical plan which was the first in Britain. I then continued all the way down George Street to Charlotte Square. I then walked briefly on Princes Street and entered the Princes Garden just off of Lothian Road. I walked past the Parish Church of St. Cuthbert, stopped for a great 'photo op' of the Edinburgh Castle, and continued along the length of the Princes Gardens, exiting at the street called The Mound, and finally through Milnes Court (near the New College, University of Edinburgh) and back up to the Royal Mile. Oh, and the Writer's Museum, which I wanted to visit, was closed that day, which was disappointing to say the least.

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I LOVED the portrait gallery. Spent several hours there. Yes, regency and history and all that! Go. It's an easy walk from downtown.

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There is also the wonderful Botanic Garden.
Lots of buses to its different gates.
It has a few buildings in it as well as the gardens, and also the wonderful Victorian Glass House, filled with tropical plants.
Worth it , IMHO.
Also the Dean Gallery, set in gardens of its own; also on a bus route.
Most tourists don't get to either, so lots of locals out enjoying these two.

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Wonderful suggestions. On our way to a beautiful day of exploring with your ideas in hand, beginning with Carlton Hill the sun is shinning over Edinburg this morning. Stunning vistas to enjoy.
Thank you to our fellow travelers.