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Offline downloadable maps of Edinburgh or Scotland that use GPS

Hi All,

In preparation of our family trip, I'm trying to figure out how to keep my family's cellular bill low. But I'm one of those that uses google maps on my iphone for getting everyone.

He mentioned that when he traveled to London, he downloaded an app that had a map that was GPS enabled.

Are there any useful maps or apps like that for Edinburgh?

Thanks in advance


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Mapping programs use the GPS feature built into smart phones. You can download maps for offline use in Google Maps. If you need instructions on how to do it, just Google your question and you'll find your answer. It's very simple to do and works well.

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HERE maps. Download Scotland, when you're at home plug in your hotel and other places you're interested in (if you've found some restaurants you want to try, historical or cultural sites, etc.), then sync to your phone. When you're there, no data necessary and use your maps as much as you want!

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If you download the App while you are on your WiFi at home, and then view Edinburgh and Glasgow, also still on your home WiFi, it will download the maps for those areas, and it will work with the phones GPS (no more downloading) once you are there.

The App has a button that zooms directly to your current location, plus a search facility. It also does routes for driving and walking.

I always turn off "data roaming" on my phone, so I don't accidentally use data when I am on another network. If I want to download something, I turn it back on and off again afterwards.

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If you travel to Europe frequently, just get a GPS loaded with European maps.