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Oban to Glasgow airport

My husband and I are finishing our trip to Britain in July with a stay in Oban, then we are flying home out of Glasgow. Our flight leaves at 2:00pm. We had planned to do all of our travel by train or bus, as this is our first trip to Britain and we would prefer not to drive. However, the options for getting from Oban to Glasgow in time for our flight are giving me pause. From what I have learned so far, the options are:

1) train from Oban at 5:21 (yawn), arriving at Glasgow Airport 9:47 (the next train departing Oban at 8:57 arrives at Glasgow Queen Street at 11:56, which seems far too late, even if taking a taxi to the airport from there)

2) Citylink bus, departing Oban at 6:15 and arriving at Glasgow Airport at 10:25 (are these buses comfortable and manageable with luggage?)

3) train from Oban the evening before our flight, staying in a hotel convenient to the airport

4) braving the drive and renting a car in Oban to get to the Glasgow airport that morning

I think this covers the options, but I may have overlooked something. We have a long flight ahead, going to the West coast of the US, and I am trying to keep things as stress-free as possible. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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The train on the previous day is probably best. The West Highland Line is one of the best lines in Britain both Ft William and Oban.

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I'd definitely travel the day before. You never know if a road closure or other disruption could delay you on the day of your flight. They do sometimes have landslides or rockfalls in that region. Even if all went smoothly, I wouldn't want the stress of traveling all that distance in the last hours before flying.

At Glasgow airport (literally a stone's throw from the terminal) are both a Holiday Inn and a Holiday Inn Express. I've stayed at both and they're fine; actually the Holiday Inn is one of the nicest airport hotels I've ever stayed at. Arriving the afternoon/evening before, you'll have a decent chance of a good night's sleep.

Before it's time to check in for your flight, if you're early risers and determined to wring the last bit of enjoyment from your stay in Scotland, you might want to take a short run into Glasgow -- for example, you could choose just one museum or the Botanic Gardens or something. But make sure to follow your airline's recommendation for how many hours before departure you need to be at the airport!

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I am planning a similar trip but in reverse, and although I am adamant about public transit and no driving, in the past few years I have added the more expensive taxi option in order to buy time (which is so limited- at least on my vacations.). I am planning an airport to Oban taxi - and it will be 130 pounds. The advantage is that I can gain a whole afternoon/evening in Oban because it's only a two hour drive! Otherwise, I lose the opportunity for a whiskey tasting and walk around town. Sometimes money really is time.

Or perhaps there are ride shares too?

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Thank you all for your advice! We decided to take the train to Glasgow the evening before our flight. And we will have just a bit of time in the morning before our flight to at least stroll around Glasgow a bit. I do feel good about keeping it simple the day of the flight!