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Oban 3-islands tour

Hi everyone,
My husband and I will be in Oban in early June for 2 nights (1 full day). I've seen so many good recommendations for the Mull/Iona/Staffa tour. If we do that, it will take the entire day we have in Oban. If we only have 1 day, is that the best way to spend it? Second question, if we do the 3-island tour, it doesn't return until 8 p.m. What are the dinner options at that point? Would we be able to easily get dinner somewhere? Also, where do people do lunch on the 3-island tour?


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We did the 3 island tour last summer. Definitely worth your day. You can walk an see Oban In about 20 minutes. We ate on board ship on way over .. small snack bar. We ate dinner in Oban upon return at a seafood place right near the dock. We reserved it the day before because we knew it would be crowded. It all worked out smoothly. Mull - Iona- Staffa tour is awesome .... wished we had more time though on the islands .... it’s a busy long day. Enjoy!

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I would definitely go on this tour. It was a highlight for us! We went on the “early bird” tour which had us back to Oban around 6 pm. I think we brought a picnic lunch (picked up sandwiches, etc) with us, but there were places one could eat on Iona where we were around lunch time.

Do be aware that Staffa involves quite a few steps. If you find steps difficult, you might find this part of the tour a challenge.

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Agree with the previous two posters. Go on the 3 island tour. Our highlight of our 12 night trip to Scotland. Fingers crossed for spectacular weather like we had.

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The dinner situation is pervasive on the west coast of Scotland and on the islands. If you want to eat dinner sitting down indoors, you should make a reservation. The number of restaurant seats is insufficient for the number of visitors, at least during busy periods; I have no idea what it's like in November or February. The other option is to show up at the door of a restaurant right at 5 PM (a common opening time, at least for the less fancy places) and hope all tables haven't been reserved. On Sundays, when you may find many places closed, even arriving at 5 PM may not work for you.

We opted for the Two-Island Tour because of weather concerns. That is an option if you are equally unlucky or have trouble with steps.

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Take the tour!! Been to Oban twice and while it is okay, it definitely pales compared to the islands. Dinner should not be a problem if you make reservations. The seafood place by dock mentioned above is very good.

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I second everything that has been said, adding that we ate lunch on Iona. There were one or two places serving soups and sandwiches. It was probably close to 2:00 by the time we got there. Our B &B reserved dinner the night before for us at Eeusk (means 'fish' in Gaelic) which could be the one mentioned above. It's pretty much as you come off the ship. It's a nice restaurant, a bit pricey, but the food was excellent.
It was pouring buckets the night before when we arrived in Oban, but we stopped by the ticket office and they assured us the weather would be clear enough to go the next day. It was cloudy, even a little misty, when we started, but it cleared as the day went on, and we had a wonderful day.

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The tour is great; do it! We got take out fish and chips when we got back.