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Northern Lights

Has anyone had the experience to view the northern lights while in Scotland? Where would be a great location to see them?

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When this question is asked on Trip Advisor the general consensus is to be as north as possible in your location and away from light pollution. I don't think there is a specific place which would be great to see them. Northern Lights depend on a lot of factors coming together to appear.

The only suggestion I have is to keep an eye on this Facebook page

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I have lived in Scotland most of my near 62 years and have never seen the Northern said the firther north you are the better the chance but it really is very much weather and atmospheric conditions depending.
a wee song to keep you going.

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Aberdeen infact the area formerlly covered by Grampian TV, now STV North, is the best bet. But not an odds on favourite. Even Shetland you are not guaranteed.