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No pubs w/15 yo in Scotland!

We're going to be in Scotland for 1 week with our 15 yo daughter and understand that they have very strict laws about minors in pubs. When we traveled in IE and England last year we ate many meals together in pubs because they were such nice hangouts with locals. Any thoughts about where to hang out to meet locals after a day on the trails?

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Bum scoop.

It depends on the pub's license and the owner's desires.

Many have a bar area and an eating area. Those might be segregated.

I've never seen a kid bellied up to the bar, but I've had to kick a million kids and dogs out of the way to get close enough to put in an order.

Drinking age is different. I think it's national law, but I don't know what it is. Fifteen seems below the mark.

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The way children are treated in pubs in Scotland is different from in England.

In Scotland, local licensing boards set the rules, which are often strict. Pubs may have to provide a range of amenities, including baby-changing facilities, and they have to conform to a large number of regulations to get a children's certificate.

This means that many don't bother, and simply don't admit children from the premises.

However, as this is set locally it isn't possible to generalise.

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I would advise that you check it out locally when you are in Scotland. Like Ed, I've seen younger children in pubs early in the evening. As the night progresses they are usually not around. You might check out some of the towns and areas you're visiting and contact the pus and ask. For example, when I visited Dunkeld I went to the Taybank and there were definitely children eating there. But I don't know if they still have that policy. So email them and ask. :) Most of these website have a contact us link.


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2 years ago, we went into pubs with our young child. The rule was no children allowed after either 6, 7, or 8 pm. The pubs are quite friendly. You can inquire at the door. Many pubs have a separate "restaurant type" area where parents can sit with minors. It's a similar experience -just with less smoke. You will miss out on the "nightlife" and music though. I am not sure on restrictions with teens.

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I may have been guilty of generalization based on a lot of, but still limited, experience.

I spend a lot of time in Scotland, but most of it's small towns and rural. In four trips last year year I think I used Turnhouse at least once per go but went into Edinburgh only once and that was for an appointment with one of the museum curators.

Out in the sticks the pub might be the only game in town, so kids would be more likely and the place certificated accordingly.

Marco's comments are going to be the most accurate and non-anecdotal.