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New RS Best Of Scotland tourbook

The new book hit the bookshelves officially today, 2018.10.23. If you have the other RS Scotland books, you may not need this one as much of the information, while possibly more up to date, may be repetitive or simply cut-and-pasted. Take your RS Scotland book to Barnes and Nobel, grab a copy of the new one, and have a nice cup of tea while you compare. Then decide if you need this newly released book.

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This is the newest title in Rick's "Best of" series, but like all in that series, the information is condensed, abbreviated, and reformatted (with more color) from the larger Scotland book that was published in April. Given the relatively short time between publishing dates, it's unlikely to have much additional "news" but is a format that some readers prefer.

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Thanks for the clarification, Laura. We just picked up our full Scotland guide at your offices last week and I was pretty sure it wasn't being updated soon.

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Okie dokie, but, hey, I bought it anyway. RS Best Of Scotland is a nice and colorful addition to the Scotland section in the IKEA Billy.