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Need bandb reservations in Scotland in July?

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We’ll be in Scotland July 13-31. We have reservations at the beginning and end in Edinburgh and reservations in Oban, Glencoe, and Usle of Skye. We are unsure about the un scheduled 5 nights, which include s Friday and Saturday. We did well in Greece in 2015 with only the first 2 nights reseserved. Times are different without a financial crisis. Reservations important?

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I am picky about where I lay my head at night, so you are very, very late for reservations IMO.
We also go to Scotland next month, we have had our reservations since November.
I would suggest trying bigger towns/ villages as they will have more options.
Also, check with the TI office in town, they often have a list of available places.
Good luck!

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As you are travelling peak season in the school holidays, I wouldn’t risk not having accommodation booked, particularly over the weekend. I struggled in early June in Scotland one weekend, as there was a major 24 hour local walk happening, that I had never heard of, which attracts people from all over Scotland and there wasn’t any accommodation to be had for miles.

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We're traveling to Scotland end of July, beginning of August. Edinburgh and Glasgow typically aren't difficult to get reservations last minute but the smaller towns and definitely the islands are. So, if you know where you are planning to go, you might check the availability of reservations - if the supply is slim, then it would be a good idea to book - otherwise you may spend quite a bit of time on your vacation trying to find lodging.

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Hi, lisaanneteutsch,

You didn't say where you're going to be the rest of your unscheduled time in Scotland. You'll have better luck in Strathclyde, but accommodation is going to be at a premium the farther north you go. B&Bs may be full by now, but some of the hotels may still have accommodation. The chain hotels have quintupled their prices in many locations. Anything within 50 miles of Carnoustie would cost you five to 10 times the normal rack rate in mid July.

But don't give up. You may have to change your itinerary a bit to go where the lodging is. In mid to late July, reservations would be definitely crucial. I remember in the late 1990s having to travel from Ballachulish to Glasgow before I could find accommodation. Everywhere was absolutely socked in. Don't rule out hostels. They are a heck of a lot nicer than they used to be, and many of them now have private rooms. We stayed at hostels on Skye and Eigg on our last trip over, and we'll be staying at a hostel on Rum next month. Most of the hostels now have all mod cons.

If all else fails, you can buy a tent and sleeping bags at Tiso or Nevisport for about the cost of two nights in a mid priced hotel, and you'd have some great stories to take home with you.

best wishes!

Mike (auchterless)

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Yes, I think it is wise to hammer it out now. Try the Visit Scotland accommodation site to see what might be available. And you might have to be willing to stay in a small hotel which can be quite lovely! I've stayed in three this trip--The Royal Dunkeld in Dunkeld, the Anderson in Fortrose, and now at Champany--the hotel was affordable, but the restaurant is a bit steep!

I like small hotels as they do often have resident lounges and just like in a B&B you often get to talk with the owners and learn a bit about the town. The Royal Dunkeld had a session night while I was there last week.