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Music - kid friendly

I recall seeming something in the forums previously about a recommendation to take kids to hear some music, but I can't find that post. I am traveling to Edinburgh in July with my 11 year old daughter and had assumed that going to a pub in the evening that has music was probably not a great idea because off her age. Is that not the case? Recommendations in general about what's appropriate and specific suggestions on where to go in Edinburgh would be really appreciated! Thank you -

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I was there in November 2016. I believe on the royal mile the main tourist drag you are sure in the summer to see plenty of kilt clad bagpipe playing street performers, that should be enough.

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Most pubs in Scotland (and the rest of the British Isles), when musicians are playing, are a lot more about the enjoyable atmosphere than about the drinking. If you don't like the looks of the crowd (unlikely, but for example if there are a bunch of tough guys you wouldn't want you daughter around anyway) don't stay, and find another place. Lots of adults may be nursing a glass of something non-alcoholic, too, so your daughter would be in good company, whether she was drinking anything, or snacking on anything, or not. She likely wouldn't be the only under-aged person in the room, as other families could well be in there, too, but if you're uncomfortable having her around anyone with a beer or whisky, you could always opt out. Some pubs could have music in the afternoon, too, and not just in the evening.

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You may get some suggestions from people here on the forum, but I would suggest you google 'kid friendly pubs in Edinburgh'. I tried it and got several results.

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If taking your daughter to a pub in the evening she will need to be out by 9pm.

Personally I can't imagine any city centre pub where I would be comfortable having my 11 year old in at that sort of time.

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Thank you for the tips. Don't know why I hadn't thought about googling this, I'm used to getting info from guidebooks! Thanks for the tips.