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Military Tatoo 2019

Planning on attending the Military Tatoo in 2019. What is the best day to attend-the first day, last day or any day in between.

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Why would there be any difference? Whichever performance you go to will be outstanding and unforgettable.

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Are the performances the same for the entire tattoo or does the line up change nightly/weekly?

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I doubt those kilted tattoo-ers could do a different choreographed performance on different nights of the week. Anyway, how would you possibly know how to judge?

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If I had my pick, I would go to one of the performances with fireworks. The website will tell which days of the week those are.

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For value, get seats in the second-most-expensive seat section. The pricey ones at the bottom of the "U" seating arrangement give you a head-on view of the performance, but less expensive seats at the "curve" of the "U" let you see things from a slight angle. The ones on the sides, near either open end of the "U" save more money, but you're looking a lot of the time at the back-end of the perfoming groups, and so the second-from-the-most-expensive seats are a good mix of visibility and cost. If you could predict the weather 100%, the best time is one that isn't pouring rain!

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We attended the Tatoo last night, at 9:00 (the 14th of August 2018). Our seats were section 10, row X, seats 21&22. High enough and facing the castle. Perfection. You can cue up before 8:00 if you like, but your seats are reserved, so you just wat to be settled by 15 minutes before the show begins. It is a breathtaking celebration of world cultures as well as the magnificently moving Scottish traditions.
It is truly a magical, inspiring and moving spectacle.

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Hi Gladyn:

This is a followup to Cyn's comment about the differences in seating sections. In 2016 I attended the tattoo on two different nights. One the first day I sat in section 9 or 10 - the bottom of the U shaped seating area - and really enjoyed viewing the marching bands come right up to where I sat, and then did a 180 degree turn and marched to the rear of the parade ground. You can see a video of this at my blog (and also see the behind the scenes tour of the castle where we were able to get bery close to the bands):

On the second day I sat in section 5 is which about mid-way of the parade grounds. Yes, as mentioned, you see the bands march towards you, pass you, and then you see the backs as the band marches on to the section 9 and 10 seats. But as mentioned in my second blog some of the performing groups never went farther than the mid point of the parade ground. I think the Zulus and the Maories never got that far. As pointed out in my blog it was difficult to appreciate their performances when setting in sections 9 or 10. So there is a benefit in sitting in the less expensive side seats.

Finally, I went on a evening which had a fireworks show. Unfortunately, the wind blew the ambers into the seating area so the show was called off after only a few fireworks had been launched. This was a disappointment.


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Thank you all for the wonderful information and advice. Will keep in mind when buying tickets.

We sat in the nosebleed seats - Row CC, the very highest row along one of the side sections. We were very happy with the view. It was a looong walk up the steps to get there but crucially this row is UNDER COVER. It poured with rain the night we went, but our row (and only our row) stayed completely dry through the whole Tattoo.

We got very wet as we slowly made our way out, but by then it didn’t matter.

The performance and performers are the same every night but the fireworks are curtailed if it’s windy.

Incidentally you may well be aware of this, but the Tattoo is only a tiny part of what goes on in Edinburgh in August. I see a lot of enquiries from US tourists particularly about the Tattoo - and they’re not always aware that it’s really just a part of the world’s biggest conglomeration of festivals. There’s the Edinburgh International Festival, the Book Festival - and, biggest of all, the Edinburgh Fringe, which by itself would be the world’s biggest arts festival even without the Tattoo and everything else. So the city & the Royal Mile are crazy-busy throughout August, and hotel prices are accordingly high. Take the chance to soak up the sights & sounds of street entertainers on the Royal Mile - and maybe go to see some shows as well. There’s so much more to Edinburgh in August than the Tattoo...