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middle age woman in need of R&R, where to go?

Suggestions needed please? Can fly into either Inverness or Glasgow, am hoping to be along the water and no more than 2.5 hours away from either city by train. Will be the last week of Sept. Thanks!

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Oh, hello again! I've got just the place for R&R in Scotland! The town of Nairn is about 15 minutes by train east of Inverness. It's near Culloden Battlefield and (more so) Cawdor Castle. It has a nice marina and beach, and I believe you can go whale watching from there on the Moray Firth. It has golf courses and is known to have the warmest and driest climate in Scotland. (I know that's not saying much, but hey.)

I can highly recommend the Tali Ayer B&B as a beautiful and relaxing retreat, with a friendly and helpful couple of hosts (David and Rowena Cameron). There are lots of other B&Bs in town, too.

Another option is Inveraray, about 2 hours from Glasgow (but by bus, not train). Inveraray is a charming town on Loch Fyne, and I can recommend Brambles for lodging.

By train you can get from Glasgow to Tyndrum in 2 hours, however I haven't been so can't comment on the relative appeal of Tyndrum.

By late September the weather in Scotland is likely to be cooling off, so be prepared with your woolies.

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Nairn looks lovely and easy to get to from Inverness. And the fact that it has one of the driest climates in Scotland is a bonus! I lived in Dunoon for three years in the mid 80's. Haven't been back to Scotland since then. I remember that time fondly. Think it's time I revisit Scotland! Thanks again!

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We went to Stonehaven as part of a trip a few years ago. Its a quaint little town, RIGHT along the shore. We were there the beginning of October, and it was lovely there. Train stop right there.

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Hi -

I too am a middle aged woman in need of R&R traveling the last week of September. I would like to find a beautiful place where I can get to know the locals, beautiful sights, (beach, loch nearby), and lots of history. I am happy to take the train or rent a car. Mainly looking to be west or northwest of Inverness.


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Susan, since you want to be west of Inverness, I'll put in a vote (again) for Inveraray. It's not on the rail line but has good bus service, it's on the shore of Loch Fyne, and it's an architecturally charming town. The castle is beautiful inside and out. There's horseback riding at Argyll Adventure and if you're dubious about riding you can take a "pony ride" in which you sit on the horse and a guide will walk the horse along the (very scenic) lochside bridle path. We found the locals to be friendly and helpful. I can recommend Brambles for lodging and daytime food, and the George Hotel for dinner & pub.

The only drawback is that if you fly in/out Inverness, the public transit connection is not at all convenient. Driving would be significantly faster and I would go via Fort William. In that case, of course, you'd also have the mobility of your own car to see more sights in the area.

If you stick with public transit it's much easier to get to & from Inveraray from Glasgow, or even Edinburgh.