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Looking for some travel advice

My husband and I are traveling to Scotland and Ireland this July to celebrate our 30th anniversary. We are making our own plans, no tours. We will be renting a car. We plan on arriving in Edinburgh and staying for 3 nights before we head out for the remaining 4 days/3 nights in Scotland. I'm wondering about the coastal drive from Inverness over to Fraserburgh then down to Dundee. I'm not finding a whole lot of information on this part of Scotland and I'm wondering if this part of Scotland is a less desirable area to travel in. We are not planning on visiting the Isle of Skye. We are definitely planning on visiting Loch Ness and Culloden as well as some of the distilleries near the River Spey. We love to be near the water (ocean, river, lake...doesn't matter!), we enjoy some light hiking, good food, quaint towns, beautiful drives. Any advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated!

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I don't post publicly on the Forum anymore but I have some advice. We went to Scotland for our 30th also, but mainly to the Isle of Islay and Glasgow. We have been to Scotland six times. Our guidebook is Rough Guide to Scotland. We wore out our first one. It is available on Amazon. The Rough Guide takes you step by step just about anywhere you want to go. We have only used a rental car on Islay, the rest of our Scotland travel has been by public transportation. Places we have been: Islay, Inverness and Culloden, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Greenoch, Fort William, Oban on a day trip from Islay by ferry. Let us know if we can help. First, buy a Rough Guide.

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Monte, you expose yourself to a lifetime of spam (junk email) when you post your email address openly on the internet. Most people (myself included) would suggest you go back and edit your post to remove your personal email address. If you want to share that with someone here, send them a "PM" (a "private message" - click on their name, then click the link that says "Send [their name] a Private Message"). Only the recipient will be able to see the content.

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Everyone traveling to Scotland should check out the Undiscovered Scotland website:
It has detailed pages on just about every site of interest in the entire country, with photos on most if not all of the pages. It also has suggestions for routes of day-long drives with links of sites to see on the way. I used it especially for the day we drove around the Highlands from Sterling to Inverness and took this route: . It led me to a beautiful photo opportunity of Castle Stalker as well as one of my favorite short stretches, the road down Glen Etive.

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Another vote for Undiscovered Scotland. I use it to plan all my Scottish holidays. There is so much information and it covers all the tiny plaves that never make it into the guide books!