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Looking for guide for Inverness July 14th

Hello, my elderly parents are going with a large family group to see an ancestral home near Tongue. They are making a stop in Inverness for a couple of days but my parents want to bow out of a group Loch Ness boat tour and instead are interested in hiring a private guide for the day (or half day if that's more appropriate). I received a great recommendation on this site for a guide that we hired in Normandy last year and I was hoping that I could get some ideas here. They are both active for their ages but are interested in being able to work with someone who's knowledgeable about the area and enjoys being a guide.


Thanks for your help!


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Hi, Kelly,

Just had a quick look. There is a website for Inverness guides, but only two appear to be based in Inverness.

I don't normally trust websites like that, although there are photos with the guides' bumf. You may want to give the tourist information office in Inverness a ring, to see what they recommend. Their number is 011 44 1463 252401.

The other option, as your parents seem independent minded, would be to set them loose with a good map and a list of places to see. It's hard to get lost in Inverness. You're always within striking distance of the river.


Mike (auchterless)

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Hi Kelly,

If he's available, the best guide out of the Inverness area is John MacDonald, The Hebridean Explorer. We did a trip with him to Skye out of Inverness a couple of years ago and it was absolutely the best experience of an incredible trip. He is an historian with a great sense of humor and a wonderful flair for the history of Scotland and the highlands. He's flexible in his journeys and he will customize the day to meet their needs.

He has a web site, and can be found on Trip Advisor for more information.


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Thanks a lot for the tips Mike and Steve. I'll look into the information that you provided. I did send an inquiry to one of the guides listed on Tours by Locals but I've not heard from him yet. A friend of mine told me that he used that site while in Paris and found a great guide. These tips give me a couple more avenues to check.

Thanks again!