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Lonach highland games

Hi, we are optimistically planning a Scotland trip this fall. Tentative intinerary puts us in Braemar near the Lonach games on August 28.

Has anyone attended these games that could say if the gathering is a good one? Other itin option would put us where we could attend the Perth games 8/29. Thanks.

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Will there be any gatherings for games this year at all?

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Sorry, I haven’t attended these games, but I do attend a predominantly outdoor bird watching event in England 2 weeks prior and this has already been cancelled.

Scotland has generally been more cautious than England, so be prepared for these events to be cancelled.

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The Lonach Gathering is a games fairly local to me and imo it is second only to the Braemar Gathering in terms of spectacle. So if it goes ahead this year I would choose it over the Perth games.

However do be prepared for the Lonach Gathering to be cancelled again this year. The Royal Highland Show and the Isle of Skye Games have both been cancelled and more events may follow.

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Hi Lisa
I see that the Braemar, Lonach and Perth games have not been cancelled as of yet, but many have been since I last checked a few weeks ago. Please check this website for more details: (for the Scottish Highland Games Association Calendar on their website). We are still hoping to travel to Scotland in September. Fingers crossed. Safe and Happy travels!

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Thanks, all. And thank you for that link Heather. I’ll be watching it closely.

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I know that is a little further south from Scotland, but it is an indication of note that the annual Trooping of the Colour was cancelled yesterday.

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Lonach and Braemar gathering cancelled. Not unexpected, but still disappointing. Oh well, Scotland may be 2022.