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Loganair refund

I booked a one way flight on Expedia from Shetland Islands to Edinburgh for August 10, 2020. Due to Coronavirus I am unable to fly into Scotland without quarantining for 14 days. I have cancelled my flight from US to Scotland on Delta and received a prompt refund. I have contacted both Expedia and Loganair requesting a refund but have been told that the ticket is nonrefundable. Anybody else had this problem?

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Hello smal518 and welcome to the RS forum -

Your problem may be specific to the type of ticket you booked and/or the terms of the contract. What does your contract read regarding refunds?

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I had a similar one-way flight Stornaway to Edinburgh on Logan Air for July 6. I received an email from Logan Air on June 5 (a month ahead) that the flight was cancelled. I was then able to request either a refund or a voucher. I used their directions and website - which didn’t seem to work. So I received a personal email July 11 offering the same. I requested a refund and received immediate confirmation. Note: I still don’t have the refund but received another follow up email a few days ago saying it was still in line to be processed. I have had good communication from the airline and no reason to think I won’t have my credit on the timeline they have communicated.

I did purchase my ticket directly through the airline, though. And my flight was cancelled. It looks as though your flight may be operating (I can certainly find a flight from Sumburgh to Edinburgh on Aug. 10). If you purchased a non-refundable fare for your flight - which is entirely likely since you got it on Expedia and Expedia is there to give us the cheapest (not always best) option - and the flight is operating, you may just be stuck with the loss. Requesting a voucher for the future might be possible but it’s not something they are obligated to do if you purchased through a third party AND purchased non-refundable AND the flight is operating. Maybe you could claim some back if you purchased trip insurance or have insurance through your credit card.

I hate that we are all missing Scotland this summer. I would have been arriving home today, after 6 weeks there.

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If the airline hasn't cancelled the flight and you bought a non-refundable ticket then they are under no obligation to provide a refund. You are choosing not to fly (albeit understandably) so from their viewpoint it's your choice.

We cancelled our upcoming flight to Mallorca with BA. The flight is still operating although current government advice is for essential travel only which would result in our insurance being invalid if we travelled. We were offered vouchers which we accepted as we will use them. If there wasn't FCO advice against travel to Mallorca I suspect we would have found ourselves in a similar position as you.

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If there wasn't FCO advice against travel to Mallorca ....

FCO..?? What does it mean?

I recognize that as the code for the Rome airport, but obviously that is not the meaning in this context.

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Hi, smal518,

I had a similar problem with a hotel in Bergen, Norway. I had booked a nonrefundable rate for a week in mid June. It took six weeks of letters, e-mails, and telephone calls, but I finally received a full refund.

I have two suggestions:

First, if you booked through Expedia, keep going up the ladder. Fortunately, my hotel in Bergen was part of a Scandinavian chain which had its international headquarters in the U.S. I kept calling the CEO of the chain until I finally found someone in their executive offices who was willing to help.

Second, contact customer service at the credit card company with whom you paid for the flight. Oftentimes they are willing to go to bat for you. My credit card company was in the process of investigating my claim, and had issued a temporary credit to my account, when my refund came through. I don't know if they would have been successful, but at least they offered me hope.

Good luck, and don't give up!

Mike (Auchterless)

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Hey Mike,

Your suggestion of contacting the CEO's worked. Expedia emailed me yesterday and offered a $250.00 refund. I paid $277.00 for two one way tickets. Not too much of a loss. I still have not heard from Loganair CEO's office. A word of advise for other's with a similar problem is go to the top if you can not get satisfaction from the customer service agent. I just googled "CEO for Expedia and Loganair contact information" and both were available online.


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My experience with Loganair is I have been granted a "voucher" until end of May 2021. At first I only had until end of 2020. When I wrote the refunds department that I was in USA and could not get into the UK for the foreseeable future they extended to May 2021. They made no offer of refund. As noted above the ticket level may be an issue. If we are still unable to get into UK by May 2021 I guess I'll ask for another extension. I had no problem getting a full refund from AA.

Noticed a credit from Loganair for full refund on my credit card statement. Thanks Loganair!

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I received my refund on August 20 for a flight that should have taken place July 6. One difference might be that my flight was cancelled by Logan Air, so I did not have to cancel. I am completely impressed with all my dealings with personnel handling my situation and give them high marks.

One strange thing that I have never encountered but which they are apparently seeing quite a bit: I used my Chase Sapphire for the flight and the refund did not show up when I would daily check my app. It turns out that it simply does not show up as a credit on the app - but does when I used my laptop. The balance on the app was correct, taking into account the refund, but the actual transaction simply does not appear (I obviously was not checking the math - just the transactions). Ha!

I waited 2 1/2 weeks for it to clear my card before emailing back last week to enquire. I had a prompt reply asking if I would check via computer before they started an enquiry - she said they are seeing a lot of that for some reason, and not just with Chase. Anyway, that was an odd quirk.