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Local Hero day!!

Hi, everyone,

Just a reminder that Local Hero has been re-released on DVD and Blu-ray today. It has been released by the good folks at Criterion, so this is bound to be a good transfer, with excellent sound. My Blu-ray copy just arrived today, but I am resisting temptation until I have a day off from work. There appear to be lots of extras, so this is going to be one to savor.

If you haven't seen the movie, you are in for a real treat.


Mike (Auchterless)

p.s.: "I'd make a great Gordon, Gordon."

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Whoohoo! That's my favorite movie ever! (I do the dance of joy).

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The Blu-ray was delivered to me yesterday via Amazon. Already seen it twice! The restoration is wonderful; picture quality greatly improved..looks like a new film. Sadly there wasn't much they could do with the soundtrack as the original movie was created in mono. So Criterion was stuck with it:(
But on the bright side one can still buy Mark Knopfler's beautiful soundtrack of the film on CD via Amazon; it' still in "print". ITunes has it available for streaming.

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I ordered it in August , and received an email that it was delivered yesterday . Alas , traveling in Germany and Austria until November , so I'll have to cool my heels until I get back .

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I have never seen Local hero, actually I seldom watch movies and the last film I saw in a movie theatre was Life of Pi which I thought rubbish.

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I don't know much about movies and haven't heard of this one - but since you posted in the Scotland Forum is it a reasonable conclusion that it is a travel movie about Scotland?

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I have never seen it but am looking forward to doing so. I never knew that Mark Knopfler did the music!!

Nigel — à tale of locals facing off against the dastardly oil companies who want to come drill. I know when I was at Morar last year they said that part of the scenery had been filmed there. And I think also at Crovie and/or Pennan in Aberdeenshire.

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à tale of locals facing off against the dastardly oil companies who
want to come drill.

You truly haven't seen the movie;)

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Thank you for the heads up, Mike! Local Hero is my all-time favorite movie. It changed the direction of my life. The place I live now reminds me every day of the little town in the movie. "Have you only got the one job then?" I loaned my DVD to a friend, never to be seen again. I need a new one! Jenny

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Thanks for the heads up Mike. Just now purchased on Amazon, got 3 for the price of two (now I can lend it out....without fear). This dear little film has remained in my top 10 since seeing it back in the day. We will be going to Scotland in 2020 and the "Local Hero" sites will be add-ons for sure. "Cassoulet de lapin?"