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Lewis or Sky?

We are interested in standing stones and barrows. I know that Lewis is better for stones but is so far away. Can we take the ferry to Lewis without a car and then get a bus to Stornaway? Are there any stones on Sky? We're going in late September/ early October.

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Hard to answer questions about transport without knowing where you are starting from. Where would you be taking a ferry from to Lewis? And, by the way, it's Skye (with an E) Here's a link to a website about ancient sites and standing stones on the islands of Scotland.

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Closer to "home" in Scotland is Kilmartin Glen, which has stone cairns and circles. It's near Lochgilphead, about an hour out of Inveraray (which, BTW, is a charming town and has a wonderful castle to visit). If you go, stop at the little museum in the village of Kilmartin and pay for the map (I think it may cost 1 pound), otherwise you could drive right past the stone features because they're not well signposted. There is an enclosure outside the church that's full of fascinating carved stones from the 11th-12th centuries onward.

There is also Clava Cairns, east of Inverness and not far from Culloden Battlefield and Cawdor Castle.