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layover time flying from the US to Edinburgh

We will be flying from SFO to Gatwick to Edinburgh.
I assume we go through customs in Gatwick and will need to know how much time to allow between flights.
Or, if we fly from SFO to Paris to Edinbugh would we need the same amount of time between flights given that we are going from Eu to the UK.
I have seen some layovers that are only 1.5 hours which does not seem to be enough time.


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The following is written with the assumption this is all on one booking and any luggage is checked through to Edinburgh

SFO>LGW>EDI – Yes, immigration is done where you enter the UK i.e. Gatwick.

SFO>CDG>EDI – You stay airside in Paris and immigration is done at Edinburgh.

If the airline is selling a ticket with a 1.5 hour layover then they assume it’s possible (and it is).

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Regarding layover time, just make sure you buy it all on one ticket. That way, the airline has much more responsibility, without making you buy another ticket, to put you on another flight in case your outgoing flight is delayed and causes you to miss your connection.