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Last Minute Questions

I am heading to Scotland in early June and most of it is with a active vacation company. I do have 2 days in Edinburgh before I head back to Inverness to begin the hiking in the Highlands. I figured out the bus to the train station and the train from Inverness to Edinburgh - I have my ticket! As I look through the forum, I've seen some restaurant ideas and tour ideas. I prefer just to wander but will probably take a guided walking tour of some kind.
I am traveling alone and I love a morning run. Is it relatively safe to go for a run in Edinburgh? I am staying at Hub hotel right on the Royal Mile near the train station.
Any other suggestions for wandering around Edinburgh are appreciated. I am not big into museums but I certainly am willing to visit some.


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Take a walk up Calton Hill for a terrific view of the city, then just wander around the base of the castle and take in the park and whatever else you come across. Holyrood, at the base of Calton Hill is worth a visit, then just wander up the Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle.

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Holyrood Park is an excellent place to go jog in the morning. Edinburgh is very safe, be careful when you're jogging across the street though: the traffic is opposite of what you are used to as a US resident .

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Holyrood park would be ideal for a run,a easy downhill run from the hotel and you could do a loop down to Holyrood palace ,round by the Parliment and then up the drive toward tthe commonwealth pool and then all downhill again to your hotel.
The area in Holyrood park is often used for international cross country championships including the World Championships.
very safe and you will see loads of others out running , the main University accommodation areas are in the Pleasance and beside the commonwealth pool so loads of students out running around.