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Itinerary thoughts

How's this itinerary sound for a first visit to Scotland? Sleeping in Glasgow every night except Day 2. Eager for your thoughts.

  • Day 1, land (Glasgow), pick up rental car. No firm plans--may relax in Glasgow or see a few nearby sites depending on how we feel.
  • Day 1, ~2 hours of driving. See the Antoine Wall, Falkirk Wheel, Kelpies, Culross. Drive to Stirling for a private evening event and spend the night.
  • Day 3, ~4 hours of driving. Doune Castle, Glamis Castle, Drummon Palace. Return to Glasgow.
  • Day 4, ~3 hours of driving. See Outlander sites between Glasgow and Edinburgh--Linlithgow, Blackness, Midhope, + Cairnpapple Hill. Afternoon in Edinburgh.
  • Day 5, TBD. Maybe spend the morning in Glasgow, afternoon in Edinburgh? We have Military Tattoo tickets for 9pm.

We want a firm list of things to see but would also like to have some flexibility to make sure we're not rushing around or under pressure to fit things in.

What would you do differently here?

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Hi, lmsmith2,

Will you be in Glasgow for the Worlds on August 16th. and 17th.? Do you have only those five days in Scotland? More's the pity if you do.

Where do you plan to visit the Antonine Wall? There's a portion of it in Falkirk, but it's not that impressive. One of the best sections is near Croy.

Personally, I think that you're underestimating your actual driving time. Days two, three, and four are going to involve a lot more driving than two, four, and three hours respectively. Leave yourselves enough time for meals and to enjoy the places you're visiting. BTW, Midhope charges 10 pounds to see the outside of what is a boarded up condemned building. If you get there after 5:00 p.m., the man at the gate is gone, and you can walk around at no charge.

On day one, many of the best attractions are around central Glasgow. Where is your first night's lodging? Again, if you're there during the Worlds, accommodation is going to be at a premium.

Best wishes for your time in Scotland. I guarantee that your first time won't be your only time!


Mike (Auchterless)

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Not sure when you’re visiting Scotland, but it does rain there, and driving times can be delayed if heavy rain plus heavy traffic slows things down. We had a couple of days like that during our August 2014 trip., with drenching rain and slooooow traffic. So flexibility if weather tries to alter things will help minimize pressure to fit things in. Hope your visit all is great!

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I agree that you are not realistic regarding your driving times. On day three you have nearly 4 hours of car time and that is with no wrong turns and no stops to take pictures. You will want a minimum of an hour at Doune and I would plan on two at Glamis. Let's add an hour for lunch. You are at 8 hours and you have not even been to Drummon Palace. (I am not sure why you tack it on to this day.

You need to base yourself further east. See what your trips look like from different locations. Maybe you stay in Stirling. Although if you have tickets to the Tatoo, from what I have heard it's a lot easier to stay in Edinburgh that evening.