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Planning on visiting Scotland the week of Aug 4 for 8 full days. Will be spending 3 days in Edinburgh, 3 in
Inverness and 2 in St Andrews returning back to Edinburgh, then traveling to Amsterdam for a few more days. Would like
to visit the Isle of Skye. Since we will have a car would it be better to drive there or arrange a tour. I am concerned
with just sitting on a bus/car all day and not getting a chance to view and enjoy the sites. However,I have also read that driving on the Isle of Skye is somewhat difficult. Finally is one day enough time to see the highlights?
While in Inverness we also plan on visiting the Urquhart Castle. Can you recommend any other sites or day trips.
thank you for your help.

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Are. You going to Edinburg for The Fringe? I see that it starts on Aug 4 this year. Hopefully you have tickets to the Tatoo. I've been twice before, and intend to return. I love all the shows in small venues and the amount of talent on display. I read that Robyn Williams performed there early in his career .
We took a three day bus trip to Skye, all before COVID. I have to admit that even being on a bus was a little scary sometimes, as there are many one-lane roads, and at that time , the locals were unhappy with tourists in any form. Think games of "chicken" on a one- lane road.
Whatever mode you use, have a great time !

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You could visit Skye on a Rabbie's tour from Inverness which would save you braving our single track roads. A day is not nearly enough to see Skye, but the Rabbie's tour would give you a flavour.

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I should also try to correct the idea that Skye locals are unhappy with tourists. We are not! We welcome visitors who respect our fragile natural environment and respect the laws and rules of being here. We do sometimes get frustrated with poor driving and those who don't pull over to let faster traffic pass on single track roads (one of the rules of the road for single track roads). I guess it's possible that might come across as locals being unhappy but when journeys take twice as long because someone is stopping in the middle of the road to photograph sheep or driving at 10mph because they are not confident on the road and then won't pull over to let you pass it can get somewhat tiresome.

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I took the Rabbies tour to Skye from Inverness. While it was only one day, it was fabulous. We lucked out and had clear, sunny skies. Our driver/guide took us up a mountain for views of the mainland.

The scenery the entire tour, including the drives to and from Inverness, was great. I'm glad someone else did the driving so I could enjoy it.