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Isle of Skye and Mull in June/July


I'm travelling around Scotland for about 3 weeks, from June 17 (arrive on the 18th) and leave on July 10.

I know the Isle of Sky is going to be pretty crowded in either case, but is there any benefit to choosing to come here as the first place after arriving (after a few days in Edinburgh), compared to near the end of the trip? I'm working up my itinerary and was trying to decide about a clockwise route vs. counterclockwise. Once I have that, I will be able to finalize an itinerary for comments.



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We went to Scotland in April 2002. I can't believe it's been that long!

I suggest you look at staying in the north of both islands, I don't think it would be as crowded. We stayed in Dervaig on Mull and near Dunvegan on Skye.

Hopefully Skygirl will chime in, since she owns a B&B on Skye. You might want to PM her.

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Hello again Michael

I think you need to be booking accommodation on both Mull and Skye now. I would say that a logical route based on your starting in Glasgow would be do Mull first and then move up to Skye. You will find that many B&Bs have a 2 night minimum stay in the summer so bear that in mind. I doubt whether you would find the north of Skye any less busy than any other part of Skye. It is all busy in terms of accommodation because demand outstrips supply. The main accommodation sites for Skye are and airbnb. Most of the B&B owners that I know are listed on one or the other.

Best wishes
Skyegirl (Jacqui)

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Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.


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Thanks for the response Jacqui. I hope you didn't mind me mentioning you.

Michael, is it right to assume you'll be traveling in high season because you have no choice? We spent years restricted to the summer months for travel. We hit the sweet spot when we went to Scotland. We were there the week after Easter. It turns out Easter week is very popular and the beginning of the tourist season for attractions and accommodations. Instead of opening for Easter and closing down again, they just stay open. The week after Easter is evidently a down week. We had made our reservations before we left, but most B&Bs weren't busy and we had a grand time.

Jacqui mentioned the minimum stay requirement during high season. Our accommodation had a two night minimum year round. They told us those who spend just one night, jumping from one place to another, were usually stressed travelers who weren't worth the effort. It also takes longer and costs more to turn a room for a new guest. The longer we stay, the less the daily cost is for the room.

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Yes, unfortunately, we must go in the peak. My wife is faculty at a local university. She has plenty of time in the summer, and no time during the semesters.