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Inverness to John O'Groats - Madness?

All, I am looking for a reality check. My wife, myself, and our 10 year old son will be in Inverness in July. We will have a car, and are looking a full day driving up to John O'Groats from Inverness and coming back that evening. Is this crazy? The trip seems appealing to us, but I'm trying to gauge whether this is just too much to take on for a day's driving from your perspective.

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I'd do it in a heartbeat! One caveat - the scenery will be STUNNING, so I would recommend one spouse drive one way, and the other spouse drive back, so you both get ample passenger seat time to gawk out the window. (I've almost gotten us killed on a number of occasions when I hollered, "OMG look at THAT!" to my husband as he was negotiating a hairpin turn.)

And another caveat: I say "I'd do it!" as someone who counts two cross-USA road trips in a Ford 150 step van, and a trip to Nova Scotia that was 36-hours of driving/ferry round trip from Brooklyn, as three of her top 10 life moments. So there's that. It is a lot of driving.

Still, I'd do it. Wow.

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If you love to drive, do it! And the suggestion to switch off driving is a good one, so that everyone can see. Like the previous poster, I don't mind a long drive. I do a 19-hour drive to Florida in one go (alone), so I may be a bit warped.

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In July you have many hours of daylight and fairly low chance of severe weather. Personally I'd stay overnight (at least) and drive back the next day, but to each his/her own.

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You can do it. You'll just need some discipline to not stop too often. :)

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