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International drivers license

Hello! Do we need international drivers license's to rent a car in Scotland?

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Assuming you have a valid US drivers license, an IDP is not required in the UK. However, if you fall into one of the states that do funny things with renewals of licenses (let you keep an expired license with a paper notice that you updated) or have other reasons that may lead someone to question the legitimacy of your license, then spending $20 for an IDP is prudent. The IDP is an official internationally recognized notarization that the license you carry is valid, so in the case of a question, it solves the issue.

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I don't think the IDP has a Scottish translation 😀😀

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My answer to your Ireland question is the same for here.

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I often correct people that the IDP is not a translation, but it appears this false statement cannot be purged and will be endlessly repeated on this board.

The IDP follows the Vienna Convention driver licence format, includes items not on your driver license, and is listed in multiple languages.

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Paul's answer hit the nail on the head. I was almost denied a rental car in England because my state license had a funky way of showing renewals.

There is no good reason not to have an IDP whenever driving out of the US.

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You are correct Tom_MN that the IDP is not a literal translation of ones drivers license. However, I believe that when people use the word translation, readers understand it is not a literal translation, rather, shows by the use of stamps within the IDP what you are authorized to drive by displaying those authorizations in multiple languages. Maybe I just give the readers more credit than I should.