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My husband and I are in the early stages of planning a trip to Scotland for about 8-9 days. I would like to visit Edinburgh at least one of the days and my husband would like to see Hadrian's wall (in between visiting castles and just enjoying the country side, maybe go to the coast as well). Is Innerleithen a good base point? We will be renting a car for our stay and were trying to find the best place to stay; without changing our lodging.

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It looks interesting. Have you found Undiscovered Scotland yet? Here's the listing. If you are going to be touring in Edinburgh you may want to think about how best to get there. I would recommend against driving. There is train service to Tweedbank so you might think about staying a bit closer to there. It looks like an hour to get into Edinburgh. The Borders are lovely. You'll enjoy your stay.

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Edinburgh is 100 miles from Hexham England on Hadrian's Wall; Innerleithen is 77miles. Why not stay near the Wall for one night and visit the different sites and take a hike. There are a lot of B & Bs in the area. Take a circle route and you will see a lot more than back tracking to the same place. Check Visit Scotland and National Trust UK web sites for tour ideas. If you are used to driving; you will have no difficultly driving an auto in Scotland.

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Thank you very much for the link to the Undisovered Scotland! That was really interesting. I have seen in a couple posts that it isn't recommended to drive in Edinburgh. We will definitely look into alternate transportation while visiting. Are there any websites you recommend we research for train schedules?

You also, have a good point with the distance to the wall. We will definitely check out the sites and see what the best option is.

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Hadrian's Wall is indeed wonderful to visit. If you're the least bit outdoorsy (dress for the weather) it will surely be a memorable experience to walk on the wall itself. You can get awesome photos of the landscape there.