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I wish I could jump on this...

For a lot of reasons (Canada, not in a major centre, rewards points needing to be used) I'm pretty much stuck on having to fly into London for my planned August 2021 trip to Scotland. The flights and seats we want were pretty expensive, but he had sucked it up we might have to pay... then this week came.

In what I presume is a response to a sale by a rival airline those flights and seats suddenly plummeted in price this week. With vouchers and various rewards we still expected it to cost us $2000 - $3000 CAD. This week, it now costs just over $500 out of pocket.

I don't have a question of you, just a lament to share... how I wish I could book it. We don't expect travel to be authorized by August here and my wife is still very skittish, but boy I'd love to take a $500 gamble and book it. Sigh...

I see US air travel increasing and Canada is as well although at a slower pace. Right now I predict a 5-10% chance we will go this summer, but boy oh boy I'd have loved to have booked that flight this week.

On a related note we finally this month got a refund on a Feb. 2020 booked trip to Europe for last summer. 3 flights refunded, 1 flight lost, 1 flight still outstanding. The ol' Vacation fund is swelling.

How are your Scotland dream affected this summer?

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Canadian here. I feel your pain.

But can you tell me more about the $500 sale? Which airline?
I retire end July and am looking for a possible short and easy (and budget friendly) getaway before my anticipated 3 months away in January. The return home quarantine is the only clincher that keeps me from solid planning.

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No it wasn't $500, that was the out of pocket cost after applying rewards points and 2 different vouchers. Both the major Canadian airlines are offering sales on higher level seats right now, plug in your dates and have a peek.

I took a look for a promotion on upgraded seats I had received, still see the prices, but can't find the web page anymore that described it.

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Ah. My optimistic reading :-) Thanks for the clarification.

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So is the super deal flying direct to Scotland, not through London? Is there a limited date before the sales end - or is it over when the seats get sold out? I don’t know if it’s any consolation, but a great price is only great if you can actually use it. Hopefully the 5-10% possibility turns into a definite trip for you. If so, that sounds like it might be priceless!