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I've got about 9 days in Scotland + England, where should I stay?

I fly into Edinburgh, then after about 3 days there I'll head somewhere else in Scotland, preferably a small town somewhere north of there. Then going to Glasgow for a night before heading south and making my way to London, giving me about 5 days in England. What town in Scotland should I stay in? What cities/towns in England should I see? I'm planning on going to the Lakes District if only for a day. Thank you.

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How many nights will you be in the UK? It's better to count nights rather than days.

Don't forget to account for travel time. The train from Glasgow to London is about 5 hours if you go direct.

To get more help on which towns in England to see, tell us more about your interests, and whether you've seen any before. And how much time do you want to spend in London - just the night before your flight, or more?

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@Harold - I fly into Edinburgh on the 8th, my sister arrives on the 10th, then on the 12th we leave Edinburgh, rent a car, and will make our way to a town somewhere in the vicinity of Edinburgh/Glasgow. Spend a night in that town, then on to Glasgow on the 13th. Leave Glasgow the 14th, head south. I'd like to see the Lakes District that day or the next, so a small town in the North of England somewhere preferably. Then on the 15th we will drive from that town to London, and explore London the 15th, part of the 16th before flying off to Austria on the night of the 16th.

So which town in Scotland should we stay in and which in England?

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Coming from the north with destination London, Luton airport makes a good car rental drop off point, although the rental cars are a couple miles from the rail station (shuttle to airport + bus to station, or long walk).

Building on Emma's comment, with such a short London stay maybe drop the car and stay near the airport you are flying out from and commute into London for one sightseeing day?

You'll have to hit the ground running in London to see much.

It's really a very hectic plan, and closer to a week than 9 days.

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Stirling and the Palace plus the Wallace Monument would be a good stop between Edinburgh and Glasgow. If you are going to the Lake District for the scenery and hiking; I would look to Scotland first. Check the Visit Scotland site. On your way down to London I would go to Hadrian's Wall and Durham for the Cathedral instead. York is also a good choice. Chatsworth is one of the best example of the Great Estates. Check the National Trust UK site for other interesting places to visit.