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How to get from Glasgow Airport to Edinburgh

Hello helpful travelers! We are arriving mid-weekday morning at the airport in Glasgow (middle of the night our time, so we will be tired). We are staying at an Air B&B in Edinburgh. We need to get to our flat in the Bruntsfield neighborhood of Edinburgh in a timely manner. Any suggestions - even for how to get from the airport to Edinburgh will be very much appreciated. Susan

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There are frequent trains and the journey takes about an hour. See The TrainLine website for schedules & fares Check a map to see which Edinburgh train station is nearest to your Air B&B flat.

There's also frequent CityLink coach service from the airport, offering a wider range of Edinburgh dropoff destinations.

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You can walk with your bags at the airport. There is an information booth. It is probably to your left. They will sell you a bus ticket and tell you exactly where it will be waiting. Tell the bus driver that you want to go to Queen Street Station to catch the train to Edinburgh and would he/she let you know when to get off. When you get off you'll likely walk up some steps and there will be a ticket office on the left....(I know that there has been construction, but I think that the station redevelopment happens later this fall. So, if you are traveling in the next few months. These directions should work. ) And if there are change just ask. There are frequent trains. Buy a ticket when you arrive. I would get off at Haymarket Edinburgh, but ask you B&B. You should be able to get a taxi, or if you are traveling light, it's a 20 minute walk to Bruntsfield Place. Personally, I'd do the taxi and then head out sans luggage to get some fresh air.

I've done this several times. I've arrived from the US around 10 AM and been in my hotel by lunch time. So, head to the Grassmarket for lively lunch. It will wake you up.

Also, there is a great Scottish railway link, Scotrail in case you want reassurance on the frequency of the trains to Edinburgh. :)


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I have replied to,your PM with some info but I do think
that Pam gives the best advice and would follow her suggestions.

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Isn't there a bus that goes directly from Glasgow airport to Edinburgh?

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There is no direct bus that I am aware of, but there is a very easy connection in Buchanan street bus station in Glasgow ,just coming into one stance and leaving from the next.
There are buses from Glasgow airport to Edinburgh airport and then tram or bus into Edinburgh from there.

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Thank you all for such helpful information. We leave tomorrow for Scotland. Yay!!! Susan