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How the Other Half Lives: Belmond Royal Scotsman Train

This is certainly not in my budget, but there's something romantic-sounding about a luxury train. The Belmond Royal Scotsman is planning to resume service in April. Capacity is limited to 40 people. Itineraries vary, with one 5-day trip priced from £5665.

The train is also used for trips in England and Wales.

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Perfect Pandemic recovery trip! Beautiful train. What a glorious way to spend a week. Expensive sure, but you can’t take it with you.

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The other 'half '?

Looks more like a '1 % er' kind of thing to me.

( Are jeans and white sneakers OK?)

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Prior to 2020 this certainly wasn’t on my radar but now...If I return to the UK I would definitely consider it. If the past year taught me one thing it is that I no longer want to tell myself ‘I can save that for the next trip.’ That train looks delightful and I’m sure my husband will agree. I’m so ready to make my reservation as soon as I can.

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I can imagine the kind of people that would go on this trip. Not the kind of people I would want to be cooped up for 5 days with!

My guess is that they won’t be starting in April either.

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I've seen the train a few times on my commute and it is nice looking train.

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Jennifer, some people in that financial bracket have worked really hard all their lives. At 67, my husband not only does the jobs of 3 people(all of whom would be making in excess of $100,000), he just lost 8 days of vacation time that he didn't take(because we couldn't do much travel this year). That being said, we wouldn't spend that kind of money for a 5 day trip. That's a year's worth of mortgage payments!

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joe32f, a separate luxury train posting from acraven, about the Belmond British Pullman day trips, has a link explaining the dress code. Jeans are tolerated, unless torn. But t-shirts, “trainers” (no mention of color), ball caps, and shorts are prohibited, which would exclude a lot of gents in many popular tourism sites.

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I saw this train in Fort William while I was waiting for the Skyebus back to Glasgow (that was a trip and a half - another time maybe!) and with a little time to kill wandered down the platform to have a look. It was lovely, beautifully finished and looked really luxurious and comfortable. I allowed my mind to wander and wondered about taking a journey on it. Then the train’s occupants came swanning down the platform, dressed to the nines and carrying half of Fort William’s souvenirs with them.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the saloon carriage’s windows, and noting the unshaven face, slightly toxic and grubby hiking kit including over sized hiking boots and rucksack, and thought “Nah....not for the likes of me!” and retreated to the bus depot....

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I love train travel and I would love to take one of these multi-day trips, and actually might someday. I am not big on playing dress up, but would just for the experience of past ways. I have always found interesting people when traveling by train or any other mode, for that matter, and would expect nothing different on a trip like this.