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How much time is needed to tour St Andrews?

We are trying to determine how much time we need in St Andrews? We will NOT be playing golf but will be touring the Old Course. I see that there is also a cathedral and a castle to explore - what else? Is one full day enough or should we plan for 1.5 or even 2? Thanks.

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We easily covered it in less than day since there isn't that much to see. Other than a brief look at the last hole and the club house, that was all we did at St Andrews. We spent some time at the college, and the old castle wall. Maybe we miss something but we did it has a day trip.

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Check to see if the Cathedral and castle will be open - they were not in July, so there wasn’t much time to be spent. Several hours at the course was enough for me, but we also enjoyed wandering through the university. I am sure the town would be a lovely place to spend more time, but that may depend on how much overall time you have available.

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Thanks. I will definitely check on those two locations when we get closer to our travel time. We will not be there until summer 2023.

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There is actually a lot to do and see in St Andrews. You can 'do' St Andrews in a day, but much better to allow longer if possible.

Presumably you know about the Golf Museum? There is also the Heritage Museum in a lovely old building on North Street, which focuses on the social history of the town.

The Castle is open now and is well worth visiting. St Rules Tower is still closed although the museum and shop are open. You can wander round the grounds of the ruined Cathedral and see the outside of the tower. Hopefully by next year it may have reopened.

There is also the ruined Blackfriars Chapel on South Street and the scant ruins of St Mary's Church above the beach. There are two lovely beaches which make a nice walk on a sunny day.

There are West Port and Mill Port, two of the old gateways into the town.

There is an Aquarium

There is information about a walk around the town here. Map here and directions here. It is a very attractive town and well worth exploring. There are some interesting speciality shops too. If you are wanting to buy woollens, Then Johnstons of Elgin is the place to go.

They even have ghost walks too!

Have you found the Undiscovered Scotland website? If not, it is a wonderful source of ideas once you have decided where you want to base yourself. It covers all sorts of hidden gems ignored by the usual guide books. Start with the relevant map page and follow rthe links for the text pages with lots of infomation and pictures. This is the page about St Andrews. Follow the links for more detailed information about the different places in St Andrews.

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WOW - Thanks so much! We have decided on an evening and then two more full days in St Andrews. We will get done as much as we can!

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Hi, alsemonco,

In addition to all of the above, take your shoes off, and go for a run on West Sands. If you have a white top and shorts, all the better. Cue Vangelis...

St. Andrews has some of the best charity shops in Scotland. If you're there at the end of term, you may be able to pick up on some of the items donated by students or their house mothers. Here in the U.S. it's called (name your university) Christmas. Dumpster (skip) diving is a popular campus activity at end of term/semester.

Enjoy your holiday!

Best wishes,

Mike (Auchterless)

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If you have a car, then you might also be interested in Scotland's Secret Bunker which is about 8 miles south east of St Andrews. This was the underground nuclear control centre for Scotland built during the days of the Cold War.

Close by are Cambo Gardens with its walled garden and woodland walks.

They are very different experiences and would make a good day out .