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Hotels in Edinburgh to accommodate 3 adults in 1 room?

Hello! I'm planning a trip to Edinburgh for my mom, aunt and myself in mid-April. While I know it would be nice to have 2 separate rooms, it's a bit more practical for our travel budget to share a room. (We would rather have more money for activities!) Any suggestions of rooms with perhaps a double bed and twin, or 2 doubles?

Thanks! Any sightseeing suggestions are also appreciated. :)

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Hi Sheena,

I've stayed 3x here: The last time was 2 years ago and the prices are higher, of course, but perhaps contact directly and then compare what is stated vs the online booking engine (the online prices are way higher than I paid in '12 and I made the reservation by phone). They have a triple and a family room, probably better to book sooner than later if you want to try it. Walking from Princes St to the Dene you go right buy a hotel I've looked at and read good reviews here on RS is They also have a triple room listed.

For sightseeing, my favorite is .. I really like the video that plays in the tippy-top room; it covers life in the city from early 20th century to the 80s. Across the street you can see Greyfriars Bobby's bowl and pictures at

The National Library of Scotland has a couple special displays that will still be available in April: the great things that Scots have given the world and the book sculptures

Not far from the Dene is Even if you lodge elsewhere, stop in for at least one cupcake. I would not likely buy more than one (not cheap), but worth one stop on a trip, definitely.

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Hi Sheena,

What you want to do is look for family rooms. I stayed at The Walton a few years ago in a single. They have family rooms.

I've also stayed at the Inverleith Hotel near the Royal Botanic Gardens. They too have a couple of family rooms.

Also, if you go to Visit Scotland and search the Accommodation tab you can search for accommodation with three adults in one room. Add the words city centre to the key words and you'll find places closer in.


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Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check into those hotels! And a cupcake sounds delicious, thanks for that tip!

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Sheena, My favorite things to do in Edinburgh include:

  • Go to the castle
  • Visit The Georgian House
  • Check out the Museum of Scotland
  • See what exhibits are at the National Gallery
  • Go for a walk along Leith Water
  • Explore the latest Scottish mysteries in Waterstones
  • Listen to some music at Sandy's Bells
  • Check out what's at the Queen's Gallery
  • Find a new museum to explore.


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My favorite is Mary Kings Close just down from the castle. Of course the Royal Ship I seem to remember less than half hour from mid town. Be at castle at one pm for firing off of cannon.

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Kenvie Guest House. We rented a triple room (one double and a single) with private bathroom. This is in the Dalkeith Road area. An easy, short, and cheap bus trip to the Royal Mile. Many B&B's in this area. Very Good large "Scottish" breakfast. The Vidlers are most helpful. This place is not fancy. Very Clean, very good service, basic décor. The triple room has a window view of Arthur's Seat that is very nice on a sunny day. Price is quite reasonable. Budget friendly compared to other options in Edinburgh.