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Hotel - One Night - Edinburgh

Wait!! Hear me out!! I know Edinburgh deserves more than one night!
We are coming back to Edinburgh on this same trip for an additional three nights, staying at an AirBnB on North Bridge, just off High Street.
But . . . first we arrive in Edinburgh by train from Manchester on a Saturday (probably afternoon) and catch a flight to Islay shortly after noon the next day (after a few nights on Islay, we return for the additional days/nights in Edinburgh). Flying in/out of Edinburgh was the most cost/time efficient method to visit some favorite distilleries (looked at Glasgow flights, trains, rental cars and ferries).
So, we need a decent hotel for one night, convenient for connecting with both the train station and the airport. Maybe even get a jump start on some Edinburgh sights? We are both in our 60's but pretty active, love history, architecture, good food and drink. Don't want this night to be a budget buster, but are well past the "hostel" stage - probably hoping for about $200/night (give or take, less would be better but depends on what/where).
So . . . help?

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Hi, bnelson210,

What, no hostelling? My wife and I are older than you, I'm sure, but we don't consider ourselves past the hostel stage! :)

I'd go with one of the Premier Inns in town, preferably the one on York Place, as it's only about a three minute walk to the tram stop for the airport. It's a short walk from the train station, albeit uphill part of the way. However, there are many hotels, in all price ranges, in that area.

Your alternative would be to leave your luggage in left luggage at Waverley, travel around the city on foot/bus/taxi, then when you're done sightseeing, collect your luggage and take the tram to the airport. There are a couple of hotels very near to the terminal, leaving you with a short walk to the Loganair counter. Obviously you'd have to had made a booking for the airport hotel.

Best wishes. Enjoy Islay!

Mike (Auchterless)

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Thanks, Mike! (We could probably stay in a hostel in a pinch. Heck, a couple years back I rowed a raft down a stretch of the Green River in Utah and camped for a week.) If we stay at the Premier Inn as you suggest, how much time do we allow to get to the airport?

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Hi again, bnelson210,

The tram takes about 40 minutes from the York Place tram stop to the airport. The trams run about every 10 minutes, even on Sunday, so you shouldn't have to wait long. One way tickets are six pounds, but an open end return is eight pounds fifty pence. If you buy the open end ticket, you could use the return portion when you fly back from Islay.

Perhaps one of the Scottish posters to this forum could confirm this information. It looks as though you can purchase the tickets on line, so it's worth looking in to.

Are you hiring a car on Islay, or using public transportation/taxis?

Best wishes once again!

Slainte! (Which you'll be saying a lot on Islay!)

Mike (Auchterless)

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I was going to suggest Premier Inn York Place. We stayed there. The convenience for the tram can't be beat and it is only a few blocks from the train station. If you get on an upper floor near the back, there is a fabulous view out over the harbor.

There is a machine to purchase tram tickets at the stop just outside the Premier Inn.

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I recently stayed at the Hilton Grosvenor near Haymarket, about halfway between York Place and the airport. Funky old property. Tram ticket (every ten minutes) from Haymarket stop was six pounds to EDI, took about 10 minutes at 0600. I think York is easily 25 minutes to EDI at peak times but it’s a lovely ride. Waverley Station is only a short walk to the St Andrews tram stop.