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Hostels Edinburgh and Inverness

I am planning on going to Scotland in March for 10-12 days.
I plan to start out in Edinburgh stay there 4 days
Then take the train or bus up to Inverness for another 4 days to tour around the Highlands and see Isle of Syke.
I will return back to Edinburgh for a few days and do day trips from there. Maybe go to Glasgow for the day.
Can anyone recommend nice non-party hostels with a 15 minute walk from the bus or train station in Edinburgh and Inverness?

Also can anyone suggest good tour companies for day tours?

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Avoid the hostel in the centre of the town it's horrendous.(Inverness). It's called City Hostel
If you walk up the hill by the castle there are two hostels both of which are fine and only steps apart.I stayed at the higher one , it was well run and would go back.

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Rather than hostels, consider Travelodge. If you pre book, you can get some good prices. Unfortunately, The Travelodges in Inverness are out of town and really suitable for those with a car. However, some of the ones in Edinburgh are downtown near all the sights.
Click this link & insert Edinburgh - having first put a dot on £35. Up will come the prices - now, click the calendar forward arrows to the week that you require. You will now see a list of prices for all the Travelodges in Edinburgh.

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If the concept and price of a Travelodge appeals to you, also look at the Premier Inn chain:

I can't speak to your cities, but I found that for Liverpool, some nights at Premier Inn were very cheap (particularly Sunday, but also weekdays), and others were expensive (Friday and particularly Saturday). On the "cheap" nights, a Premier Inn may not cost more than a hostel; on the "expensive" nights, it definitely will.

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I haven't stayed there yet but I am booked at Bazpacker's Hostel in Inverness. I found it in Rick's Scotland guidebook where he describes it as having a "quieter feel." They have their own website so you can check it out and see if it might work for you.

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Thanks everyone,
I usually like to stay at hostels because it is cheaper and easy to meet other fellow travelers.
Any reccomdation for Edinburgh? I was looking in the city center Royal Mile or at Edinburgh Central Youth Hostel which is a bit of a walk from the city center. I don't like party places and sometimes that can be hard to find.