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Holiday in Scotland

Hi there
Me and my wife are taking a short holiday to the UK, starting 16th Sept 2017. Post a small stint in London, we aim to spend about 5-6 days in Scotland. Although I have been to Scotland before, my wife hasnt. I had covered Edinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow, Inverness and Isle of Skye. I am still keen to visit Edinburgh and Isle again as I am sure my wifes gonna love it, wanted to check if you guys can recon some more interesting places. We'd love the more highlands and peaceful side along with some cruising or beach maybe? Nothing fixed, but just aiming to do some newer parts as well. Maybe higher up the Highlands or Luskentyre of you guys feel so?

Thank you

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Edinburgh to Skye is a full day of travel - and then you have to get back, presumably to London? Luskentyre is a huge journey, even if you flew to Stornoway you'd land way off.

Beach in Scotland is not rare. Lounging in the sun in September is, even if it is sunny it will be pleasant rather than hot.

Start in Inverness. Direct from London there are 2 sensible options and both may be selling out already.
Overnight train in sleeping car (private 2 bunk compartment in Standard class). does not run on Saturday nights but reservation system is stupid enough to let you ask. Runs from London Euston station in central London. Also has sleeping cars that go direct to Fort William on west coast which is also worth considering. Seats are not worth considering. Travel to Scotland is always dearest on Fridays and cheaper Tues/Wednesdays. At present from £110 each but by end of week £150 is more likely and in two weeks could be £200. But saves a night in a hotel so deduct that and gives you more time to do what you went for, which must have some value.

Fly. Two airlines, 3 London airports, an hour or so in the air (obviously much more on the ground!!). BA go from Heathrow, mainly for the connecting passengers, Easyjet go from Luton, these are usually both after breakfast and land around 11:00. Easyjet also go from Gatwick at lunchtime and land mid afternoon. Flight prices are cheaper than the Sleeping Car BUT you still have to pay for the previous night hotel, the cost of reaching the airport, luggage (with easyjet) and you lose at least half a day in Scotland. or

Inverness is the capital of the Highlands. You can move on to Skye from here (if you go overnight you could be there for lunch). From Skye take the ferry to Mallaig and come back towards Edinburgh via Glasgow.

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For "highlands and peaceful side" might I suggest Inveraray? If you rent a car, it is an easy half day's drive from Edinburgh. It's a charming Georgian town, the castle is beautiful inside and out, and the surrounding area has interesting stuff like the Auchindrain Township outdoor museum.

Or, if you want to see an especially nice beach, go to Nairn, which is east of Inverness on the Moray Firth.

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If you have not been I would suggest Mull rather than Skye, and get out to Iona. However Mull is the island of the Single Track road and a car is essential.