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I've heard that Hogamanay may be a great way to welcome in the New Year, but you have to plan very early- like now- I'd appreciate hearing thoughts and suggestions, including where to stay, what to do, tickets to get, etc - also is it worthwhile adding a couple of days onto the trip to go Inverness or the Isle of Skye or is it just too cold at that time of year ?
Thank-you for your thoughts on this topic.

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Not sure where you are from but Inverness and Skye are cold most of the year. that time of year it will be dark most of the time and very cold and either rain or snow. If your into outdoor activities and such you'll be fine.

You didn't say where you wanted to spend Hogmanay. My favorite city is Edinburgh I like the quirkiness of it, not a fan of Glasgow.

I go home once a twice a year and it is always cold damp and rainy except the occasional sunny day. We always say there is no such thing as bad weather just poor clothing choices. Washable wool, silk and quick drying clothes.

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You might still want to go up to Inverness. Depending on your time. Yes, you don't have a lot of sunlight, but Inverness has some great restaurants and you can still tour. Culloden for example is open from 10-4 as is Urquhart Castle and Fort George. Cawdor Castle is closed. I think a lot of the countryside castles that are not Historic Scotland are closed. But you can visit distilleries. I checked and McCallan is open.

And I don't know where you are from, but unless you are up in the mountains, it's not much colder than it get here in NYC. It certainly is very rarely if ever as cold as it can get in the center of the US or Canada. Remember when they say "Oooooh, it's below 0!" They usually mean below 0 Celsius. :) It will likely be raw though.


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thank you both so much for your replies. I am from NY and my sister, who's going too, lives in NH, so I think we'll be ok with preparing for the weather. We were planning on going to Hogmanay in Edinburg. do you have any suggestions on where to stay there or the festivities to go to? I understand that you need tickets for some things and have to buy them early.
thanks again for your helpful insights,

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I've not been to Hogmanay, so can't help with personal experience. You have checked out this site, though, right?

BTW I would book the hotel very soon if you haven't already got a place to stay.

Also, you might check TA's forum on Edinburgh for advice. I am pretty sure that I read at least one post on what to see and do and how to dress.

It is quite crowded--not Times Square Crowded, but probably the next best. :) I went to the "End of the Festival!" fireworks on Prince's Street one year and there was a lot pushing. There were police around, but I'll alway remember the policeman telling the woman with a stroller and her child, to not stand at a corner as it would be dangerous for her and the child.


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The Edinburgh Hogmanay party is usually the biggest in the country and can get quite busy at times. It should be noted it is also out of doors in Edinburgh on 31st December / 1st January with all that implies.

Just a note, Hogmanay is the day, 31st December, and parties are held across the country, with the Fire Balls of Stonehaven being one of the highlights.