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History of Scotland

This isn’t a question, but a tip. We are currently watching The History of Scotland (BBC) on DVD and it is very good. By the time we finish watching it, I might know more about the history of Scotland than my own country! We got it from the library. My husband says there is a lot of dripping blood, you’ve been warned! No, its not bad violence wise. Not like that Game of Thrones stuff! This is real life!
Anyways, its going to make our upcoming trip even better!
And just another footnote.....I was very happy that Alexa could play Scotland The Brave as she has not been good at playing much of the traditional Irish music I love so much.

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Thank you for this suggestion! Going with my 11 year old daughter this summer and was just contemplating how to learn a bit of history together!

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The Neil Oliver one? It is a good series. His 'Storm in a Cagoule' presenting style is a gift for satire.